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East End Bus

We Won! Teamsters Local 1205 has been Certified as

Bargaining Representative at East End Bus! 

Click here for more information regarding this victory.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

    As many of you know, on January 30, 2016 Teamsters Local 1205 President Timothy Lynch passed away.   His sudden untimely death has affected us all, not only in Local 1205 but in the labor movement as a whole.  Timothy was not just the president of our great local union, he was a champion for the rights of workers.  We pledge to continue the struggle for economic justice on behalf of all our members. 

    Following the passing of our President Timothy Lynch, the Executive Board called an emergency meeting.  As per our By-Laws and the IBT Constitution the Executive Board voted unanimously to install Vice President Dan DeCrotie as President of Teamsters Local 1205 for the remainder of the term.  The Executive Board also unanimously voted to install organizer Gary Kumpa as Vice President of Teamsters Local 1205.  The three-year term for all Local 1205 officers and Trustees expires this October.

    I have been a member of Teamsters Local 1205 since 1996 driving in the lumber industry.  Seven years ago, Timothy Lynch hired me as an organizer, to help with the Baumann Bus campaign. I have been working primarily with our Baumann members since then.  Timothy nominated me for Recording Secretary in 2013 and then for Vice President in 2015 when our then Vice President Sue Roth retired.  It has been my privilege to work with President Lynch and the staff at Teamsters Local 1205 for these past seven years. 

    Gary Kumpa is a lifelong Teamster, starting with Local 1205 in 1984 driving tractor trailers. He has over 21 years as a member of Teamsters Local 707. Gary worked as an organizer for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and in 2008 returned to Teamsters Local 1205 as our organizer.  Gary is currently leading our efforts to organize East End Bus Company. 

    I along with, Gary Kumpa, Recording Secretary Nelson Nunez, Secretary Treasurer Ed Williams, Trustees Andy Gallo, Bob Christian and Cliff Roode are proud to be a part of what has been accomplished at Teamsters Local 1205. We will continue Timothy Lynch’s legacy in our fight for justice for our members.  In the months to come I will make it a point to visit each of the many shops to personally introduce myself to our members. Timothy will never be replaced but rest assured that his spirit will live on with the work we all do to improve the lives of our brothers and sisters in Teamsters Local 1205.

In Solidarity,

Dan DeCrotie,

President Teamsters Local 1205


There is a bill pending in Albany that is extremely important to all of our school bus drivers and driver assistants regarding disqualifications.  This is Bill number A2781. The purpose of this bill is to have school districts abide by your collective bargaining agreement with regard to disciplinary action.  Right now, employees of the transportation contractor of the school district have contractual protections covering disciplinary actions, but the school district is not a party to that contract.  Therefore, the school district is able to undertake disciplinary action against the employees of its contractor, without due process protections.  This legislation does not prevent the district from undertaking a disciplinary action, it merely requires the district to abide by the terms in an existing contract between its transportation contractor and its employees.

I urge all members to contact their State Senators today and let them know we need this bill passed without delay.  Follow the links to your representative and encourage them to pass bill number A2781.

Click here to read Assembly Bill A2781

Click here for a list of Long Island Senators

New York State Senate Website

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